K12Engineers Academy of Excellence - Preparing Future Engineers!

Does your child have the inclination or characteristics of an engineer? If your kid is always playing with blocks and trying to make the next tallest tower although seeing them fall over and over again rolling clay into various shapes and molds, building objects out of their imagination, attracted by computer and logic games..., chances are you have an Engineer kid at home! Enrolling such children in K12Engineering classes should be an obvious choice for parents. From ages 10-18, K12Engineers after school online classes will develop the love for engineering in your child. Our continuous training provides all basic engineering coding, critical reasoning, creativity competence, that will give your kid a huge academic advantage after graduating High School. Students receive a certificate after completing each level. At the end of the program, they earn the title of "K12 Engineer" and can get a job as Junior Software Engineer.

Our students are attending from all U.S. states/territories and worldwide. They choose their own class schedule (day and local time) while enrolling. All our classes are provided from the United States by instructors all teaching in U.S. schools with U.S. clearances and background checks up to date. Classes are live and interactive. 

Students have unlimited access to their online virtual machine (VM) and use a State-of-the-Art Virtual Lab coding & engineering environment.

As a passionate 5th Grade young technologist, Amir has eagerly delved into the world of coding, electronics, and robotics. His journey has led him to various exciting places, such as Coder Dojo and a local Maker Space, where he has honed his skills in 3D design, laser cutting, website creation, and robotics. In this article, we will share his experiences and the valuable knowledge Amir has gained during these endeavors.

Coder Dojo: Unleashing his Coding Creativity Amir first stepping stone into the world of technology was Coder Dojo, a vibrant community of young coders. He discovered his affinity for creating websites. Through interactive sessions and workshops, he learned the foundations of web development and design. He acquired skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, enabling him to bring his creative ideas to life on the web.

Maker Space: Unleashing his Inner Maker in the local Maker Space, Amir was exposed to a world of endless possibilities. Working with 3D design and printing, he learned how to transform digital models into tangible objects using advanced printers. Additionally, he explored the art of laser cutting, which opened up new avenues for him to create intricate designs and prototypes.

Robotics: Combining Programming and Electronics Amir fascination with robotics led him to enroll in a robotics class, where he was introduced to the exciting world of programming and electronics. Using Arduino, a microcontroller platform, he delved into C++ programming to control robots. His knowledge expanded as he learned to wire circuits using a breadboard and microprocessor. Along the way, he explored various electronic components, such as LEDs, RGB LEDs, switches, and potentiometers.

Coding Concepts Explored: In his robotics class, Amir delved into several important coding concepts that have become foundational to his understanding of programming. He learned about variables, allowing him to store and manipulate data. For loops became instrumental in repeating actions and iterating through code. He gained proficiency in console output, enabling him to display information and debug programs effectively. Conditional statements empowered him to create logic-based decisions within his code. Furthermore, he learned about analog and digital input, pulse-width modulation (PWM), and logic gates, expanding his understanding of how electronic systems function.

Personal Projects: Beyond the structured learning environments, Amir undertook personal projects to further develop his skills. One notable accomplishment was assembling and coding the Elegoo Smart Car, a versatile robot, using instructional videos by Paul McWhorter on YouTube. This project allowed him to apply his knowledge of programming and electronics in a practical and engaging manner.

NextMaker Boxes: Exploring Diverse Technologies to broaden his skill set, he embraced the NextMaker boxes, which introduced him to a wide range of technologies and concepts. These hands-on activities guided Amir through various projects, including circuit building, coding challenges, and mechanical engineering tasks. The NextMaker boxes provided him with valuable exposure to diverse technological fields, nurturing his curiosity and pushing him to explore new horizons.

Lego Spike Prime: The Future of Learning another exciting tool that captured his attention was the Lego Spike Prime robotics kit. This innovative platform combined building blocks with advanced sensors and motors, offering an immersive and interactive experience. It allowed Amir to explore coding through a user-friendly interface, sparking his creativity and enabling him to bring his ideas to life.

From coding websites to designing 3D models and delving into robotics, Amir has acquired valuable skills and knowledge that will undoubtedly shape his future.