K12Engineers Academy of Excellence - Preparing Future Engineers!

Does your child have the inclination or characteristics of an engineer? If your kid is always playing with blocks and trying to make the next tallest tower although seeing them fall over and over again rolling clay into various shapes and molds, building objects out of their imagination, attracted by computer and logic games..., chances are you have an Engineer kid at home! Enrolling such children in K12Engineering classes should be an obvious choice for parents. From ages 10-18, K12Engineers after school online classes will develop the love for engineering in your child. Our continuous training provides all basic engineering coding, critical reasoning, creativity competence, that will give your kid a huge academic advantage after graduating High School. Students receive a certificate after completing each level. At the end of the program, they earn the title of "K12 Engineer" and can get a job as Junior Software Engineer.

Our students are attending from all U.S. states/territories and worldwide. They choose their own class schedule (day and local time) while enrolling. All our classes are provided from the United States by instructors all teaching in U.S. schools with U.S. clearances and background checks up to date. Classes are live and interactive. 

Students have unlimited access to their online virtual machine (VM) and use a State-of-the-Art Virtual Lab coding & engineering environment.

Christian, an exceptional 10th-grade student is destined to make a profound impact in the fields of robotics, VR video game coding, computer programming, and artificial intelligence (AI). With an unwavering passion for technology and an insatiable curiosity for innovation, this student stands out as a true prodigy in his chosen domains.
Through his knowledge in programming languages such as Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, he has crafted captivating virtual reality environments.
In the realm of artificial intelligence, Christian has embraced the cutting-edge technology with enthusiasm and foresight. He is interested by machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and natural language processing to develop intelligent systems that can analyze vast amounts of data, recognize patterns, and make informed decisions
Christian dedication, coupled with a deep understanding of emerging technologies, hints at a future where he will reshape industries, improve human experiences, and push the boundaries of innovation.

Keep an eye out for Christian, rising star in the realms of robotics, VR video game coding, computer programming, and AI. He is poised to leave an indelible mark on the future of technology and shape the world we live in.