K12E Students receive Certificates. We also write recommendation letters to our students to support their colleges and schools application.

The certificate and title delivered to our students after completion of each level of the program is a real asset in their future engineering, college studies  and professional life. While Elementary, Middle and High school reports or transcripts are not considered by employers, k12Engineers certificates earned during k-12 educational system can be a good indicator for job recruiters, helping them to assess the candidate interest and enthusiasm for engineering. Completing an engineering program will send a positive signal about your skills to any prospective employer if you are after a job that involves any fields of engineering.

When starting or during their professional life, the certificates received by our students demonstrate, they've been trained, educated and were prepared to meet a specific set of criteria for the position they are working or applying for, at an early age. Future Employers will assess their determination and motivation through all engineering certificates they have earned while in k-12 educational system.

High School and College Admissions:

K12E Certificates are physical manifestations of passions and talents. If you love computer/engineering with all your heart and you’ve done it during your elementary – high school cursus, then being able to provide a certificate can confirm your skill level and your dedication. Without certificate, how is any high school or college supposed to know how good you are or how much you care? Sure, your essays and recommendations, but for people that spend 15 minutes per application if at all, a well-recognized certificate can set you apart pretty significantly in any high school / college admission process.

All certificates distributed by k12engineers have a unique Certification ID. Our certificates can be verified anytime and by any future employers. They will remain available online for verification even after our students have started their professional life. 

To verify the authenticity of a certificate issued by k12engineers, please send the Certification ID to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To earn the Prep certificate learners must:
- attend all 4-weeks K12E Prep class sessions.
- be able to follow teacher directions and complete all prep class projects.

To earn Beginner - Mastering certificates learners must:
- attend 30 - sessions. Those 30 sessions can begin anytime during the school year, after a successful completion of the Previous Level (if necessary, completion during the following school year).
- submit all 7 required projects (one at the end of each month) to show their understanding of program content.