K12Engineers Academy of Excellence - Preparing Future Engineers!

Does your child have the inclination or characteristics of an engineer? If your kid is always playing with blocks and trying to make the next tallest tower although seeing them fall over and over again rolling clay into various shapes and molds, building objects out of their imagination, attracted by computer and logic games..., chances are you have an Engineer kid at home! Enrolling such children in K12Engineering classes should be an obvious choice for parents. From ages 10-18, K12Engineers after school online classes will develop the love for engineering in your child. Our continuous training provides all basic engineering coding, critical reasoning, creativity competence, that will give your kid a huge academic advantage after graduating High School. Students receive a certificate after completing each level. At the end of the program, they earn the title of "K12 Engineer" and can get a job as Junior Software Engineer.

Our students are attending from all U.S. states/territories and worldwide. They choose their own class schedule (day and local time) while enrolling. All our classes are provided from the United States by instructors all teaching in U.S. schools with U.S. clearances and background checks up to date. Classes are live and interactive. 

Students have unlimited access to their online virtual machine (VM) and use a State-of-the-Art Virtual Lab coding & engineering environment.

Meet Khi, a 7th-grader  with a passion for technology and a knack for coding and robotics.

Khi has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills in his technology-related coursework. His keen interest in both programming and robotics has set him apart as a standout student in the 7th grade.

Khi has shown a remarkable understanding of HTML and web development concepts. He effortlessly creates visually appealing and functional web pages, demonstrating proficiency in HTML structure, CSS styling, and even incorporating interactive elements using JavaScript. His personal website showcases his creativity and dedication to design aesthetics.

Khi's enthusiasm extends beyond individual achievements. He actively collaborates with his peers, contributing ideas and sharing knowledge during group projects. His willingness to assist others and foster a sense of community in the technology and robotics club has made him a respected figure among his classmates.

Khi stands as a shining example of a tech-savvy 7th grader who not only excels academically but also embraces the spirit of innovation and collaboration within the world of HTML, Python, and Robotics. We look forward to witnessing his continued growth and success in the exciting field of technology. Keep soaring, Khi!